Tetris Magnet Set Lets You Play An Analog Game Of Tetris On The Fridge Door


Few games have managed to stand the test of time as well as Tetris. While no longer novel, the classic puzzle game remains as fun today as it was when it first came out over 30 years ago. But with so many games now available on mobile, desktops, and consoles, it’s easy to overlook such a long-running title that it’s highly likely you haven’t touched a Tetris game in years. Maybe it’s time to take Tetris out of the digital realm and into the physical world with this Tetris Magnet Set.

Made by Etsy seller The Back Pack Shoppe, it’s a set of wooden tetromino tiles with magnetic backing that you can stick into fridge doors. You can use it to hold bills and letters like any regular fridge magnet, although the fun lies in how you can use it to play an analog game of Tetris any time you make a stop in the kitchen to grab a beer.


The Tetris Magnet Set comes with fourteen pieces, two each of every traditional tetromino shape. Obviously, playing with physical tetromino pieces is going to be different, since you can’t have random tiles falling automatically from above. What you can do, however, is pull randomly from a pile, which you then add onto your stack, maybe even throwing in a time limit to add an extra challenge to the task. Each tile is made from poplar wood that’s laser-cut and laser-etched, with the magnet tile manually attached to the back using adhesives.


Available now, the Tetris Magnet Set is priced at $15.