If Fred Flintstone Lived In The Modern Times, He’ll Want The Stones Shelf Mounted Up His Wall


Sure, there are plenty of options in nice-looking shelves you can mount up a wall for extra storage. If Fred Flintstone lived in the modern times, though, we bet he’ll snub them all for the Stones, which should be a more familiar fixture for the tie-wearing caveman from Bedrock.

Designed by Philip Bogaert, it’s a series of wall shelves that look like they came from larger pieces of rocks that were cut and polished into shape. They kind of resemble larger versions of those rocks people set up for man-made rock-climbing facilities, except with a flat top that allows it to serve as storage for a whole load of objects.


While the Stones look like rocks, they actually aren’t. Instead, each one is made using wooden pieces that are covered in a fabric that gives it the hard, stone-like appearance. It comes in three different sizes, with different types of felt and woven fabrics (custom fabric orders are accepted), all clad in earthy gray and brown tones. Each one is designed to mount using a pair of screws.

Because they appear like large stones protruding from the wall, each shelf is as decorative as it is functional, adding a playful aesthetic to any room. In fact, you can mount a whole lot of these without making the wall look like an oddity, so you can totally fill a wall for ornamentation that can serve as instant storage when the need for one comes up.


The Stones shelf is available directly from Bogaert’s Label.