A Unique Finish Allows The Shimmer Table To Reflect Color In Mesmerizing Ways


If you’re looking for something dramatic to show off in a shelf or mantle at home, we have a feeling you can’t do wrong with this Shimmer Table. While we’re not quite sure where you’re supposed to place it for best effect, we’re certain it will invite endless curiosity from any guest who visits.

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, it’s a mini-cocktail table made from glass. No, we don’t mean just the top, but the entire thing, down to the legs. And that glass comes in a unique finish that makes it appear truly otherworldly. Like it came out of a fairy tale or something.


Measuring a tiny 20.47 x 17.72 inches (height x diameter), the Shimmer Table is probably more decorative than functional. I mean, unless you like sitting on the floor, we doubt you’ll find much uses for it. Other than, of course, staring at it for hours on end, mesmerized at the sight of the glass surfaces that appear to magically change hue, depending on your vantage point. That optical trick, by the way, comes courtesy of a light-reactive multicolored finish that just gives the table an entire world of character.

I know, an all-glass table doesn’t exactly strike you as safe. Not to worry, though, as it’s made from laminated safety glass, so it’s no way as brittle as you probably suspect at first glance. Plus, it’s super short at less than two feet tall, so there’s little chance it tips over and breaks the way glass usually does. To be safe, though, do keep it away from kids and pets.

We mean it with the kids and pets, by the way, since the Shimmer Table is priced at a painful $2,200.