Samsung’s Electric Flex Duo Has An Oven That Can Split Into Two Different Ovens For Cooking A Pair Of Dishes Separately


When buying an oven, it’s hard to decide whether you want a model with two doors or just a single door. Yes, a single door is wasteful when all you do is bake a cake or a tray of cookies, but a two-door will likely leave you starved for space when roasting an unnaturally huge turkey during Thanksgiving. Samsung’s Electric Flex Duo (model NE59J7850WS) solves the dilemma.

Combining the benefits of both types of ovens, the appliance features a cooking area that can function both as a two-door convection oven and as a single large oven, heating each area at separate temperatures, so you can cook two dishes simultaneously. Just insert the included divider to split the oven into two sections and you’re good to go.


The Samsung Electric Flex Duo’s door opens just like any single-door oven when you pull it down, allowing you to bake tall cakes, cook big fowls, and similarly-larger food items. Press a button on the handle while you’re opening it, though, and the top half folds down at the hinged middle section, so you can use just the upper half when cooking a single dish. The only catch is, there’s no way to open just the bottom panel, so you’ll have to let out some of the heat up top when you want to check how food is doing at the bottom. Oven capacity is 5.9 cubic feet, which can be split into a 3.0 cubic feet lower section and a 2.7 cubic feet upper area.


Available now, the Samsung Electric Flex Duo is priced at $1,899.