Racer Rocker: We Found Your Perfect Summer Chair And It’s Awesome


Sure, any folding chair will work fine for soaking some sun outdoors this summer. But we bet you’ll be so much more relaxed with the Racer Rocker, an outdoor rocking bench that will be perfect for chilling under sunny skies.

Designed by Eric Pfeiffer for Loll Designs, it’s part of the Racer Collection, a line of furniture pieces designed to get people moving. Granted, the only movement you’ll be making on the bench is rocking back and forth, but that should be worth a couple of extra calories burned, compared to sitting in complete repose.


The Racer Rocker has a wide and low aprofile that seats the user in a lazy position, perfect for hanging out in the yard, people-watching in the park, or enjoying the ocean breeze at the beach. It measures 25.5 x 22.5 x 28.25 inches (h x w x d), with a handle on top of the backrest, making it easy enough to carry with one hand from one spot to another, whether you’re loading it in the truck, moving it to the backyard, or using it at the tailgate. An open storage trunk in the back allows you to keep a stash, whether it be a few cans of beer, some reading materials, or other outdoor supplies. It’s constructed using 100% HDPE plastic.


Available in seven different color combinations, the Racer Rocker is priced at $479.