NLXL’s Printed Rulers Wallpaper Absolutely… Uhm… Rules


We’re not sure how well the Printed Rulers Wallpaper will fit in with your home, but if it’s a rustic, cabin-like aesthetic you’re looking for, this certainly seems up to task. It’s truly something else.

Made by NLXL, the wallpaper comes printed with photorealistic images of oversized vintage rulers that look like they were giveaways from stores and business that thrived over half a century ago. We’re certain you can’t use it to actually measure anything accurately (the images look blown up), but this isn’t really the kind of wallpaper you put up for utility – it’s something you put up to admire. Or mess with people’s heads, whichever the case may be.


Like NLXL’s other products, the Printed Rulers Wallpaper boasts a high-quality print that makes the photographic reproduction of vintage wooden straight rulers look like they’re real classroom staples plastered to your wall (which, by the way, actually sounds amazing). Designed by Mr & Ms Vintage, the rulers are arranged in an outsized vertical pattern that’s simply mesmerizing to look at. Oh yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, there are no repeating patterns on each wallpaper, which is sold in 53-square feet sheets (19 x 394 inches). These are heavy-duty wallpapers, by the way, with a paper top layer and non-woven backing for durability. The print is also colorfast, so you can clean it with a soft, wet cloth when needed, without worrying about causing damage.


Available directly from NLXL, the Printed Rulers Wallpaper is priced at €199.