Parsonal Offers A Customizable Line Of Flat-Packed Furniture


The Parsons Table is one of the most classic pieces of furniture, with a dead-simple design that allows it to blend seamlessly with any interior, regardless of the size and finish. The same principles behind the original Parsons table inspire a new line called Parsonal, a series of furniture items that you can customize upon ordering.

Built upon order, you start by choosing which Parsonal furniture you want to get, then customize the length, width, height, finish, and colors directly from a browser app. From there, you just check out and wait for the piece to arrive.


Parsonal consists of nine furniture pieces: a dining table, a standing desk, a sitting desk, a coffee table, a tall bookcase, a short bookcase, an end table, a small stand, and a large stand. Each one can be customized using the above parameters, although they do have limits (e.g. they won’t let you order outlandish sizes). Like IKEA, the pieces come flat-packed, with individual components designed to assemble and break apart in an easy way. Unlike IKEA, there’s no flimsy MDF board here. Instead, each one is handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee using quality wood from the Appalachian Timber Reserve, so it should be as durable as any custom-built furniture item you have lying around at the house.


A preorder campaign is currently running on Kickstarter for Parsonal. You can order any of the nine pieces from the campaign page, for pledges that start at $50 for the small stand and top out at $650 for the dining table.