Ora Teapot Eliminates Handles In Favor Of Double-Wall Glass Construction


I love handles on my drinking vessels. Whether in pots, mugs, or cups, handles simply make things a heck of a lot easier to use. Apparently, not everyone shares in my enthusiasm for handles. Take this Ora Teapot, for instance, which intentionally leaves out the handles in favor of a double-walled construction.

Designed by New York- and Berlin-based Paul Loebach, it consists of a teapot that eliminates the handles found in their traditional counterparts. That means, you hold it by grasping the pot with your hands, just like you do with a vacuum bottle, a travel mug, and other insulated drinking vessels.


Because of the double-walled borosilicate glass construction, the Ora Teapot should remain cool to the touch, making it easy to grab, hold, and pour. It also means significantly-improved heat insulation, allowing the pot to keep its contents hotter than its traditional single-walled counterparts. Each teapot comes with an accompanying wire tea infuser (removable, so everything cleans easily) to keep leaves from swimming in your drinking cup and a cork lid to keep heat from escaping through the mouth of the pot. The pot can hold up to 14 ounces of fluids.


Do note, the product page lists the Ora Teapot as “not intended for stove top use,” so it’s a better idea to keep it in the table and pour water in when making a batch of tea. It’s designed to be used with the similarly Loeback-designed Ora Tea Cup, which, like the pot, trades in the handles for twin glass walls.