Prepare Food Like A Retro Gamer With The NES Cartridge Cutting Board


You might be all grown up with a job, mortgage, and responsibilities now, but there was a time when your life was nothing but a never-ending series of video games with 8-bit graphics and chiptune sounds. And while you’re too far gone in life to ever consider going back to those childish habits, you can wax nostalgic about those good, old days by preparing the family’s next meal in this 8-But NES Cartridge Cutting Board.

Like other chopping boards, you can use to cleave your meats, slice your onions, and dice those carrots. Unlike them, it looks like a blown-up version of those classic NES game cartridges that you used to play Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, and Legend of Zelda at home.


The 8-Bit NES Cartridge Cutting Board stay faithful to the form factor of the 8-bit cartridges, so it comes carved with detailed grooves to properly imitate its source. While you might find the grooves a bit annoying, they can actually be useful, since it can function as embankments of sorts to let the juices from your meats and vegetables escape the board, ensuring whatever you’re slicing up doesn’t end up a soggy mess.

It comes in two sizes: 9 x 10 and 12 x 13, both of which should be large enough to accommodate most food preparation duties. Construction is solid wood, with your choice of maple, walnut, cherry, or mahogany. And, no, you don’t have to blow along the edge every time you need to begin with your culinary tasks.

Available now, the 8-Bit NES Cartridge Cutting Board is priced starting at $40.