Mona Chair Is Made From Hundreds Of Old PC Mouse Peripherals


We’ve seen what a chair made from numerous PC mouse peripherals looks like. And it’s not pretty. And, from the looks of things, it’s not comfortable either. Despite that, you can’t deny that the Mona is fascinating.

Designed by Ana Carolina Lima Santos, it’s a functional sculpture made using 259 discarded mouse peripherals. And, yes, you can sit on it and lounge on it and watch football while calling the shots from your living room. But, no, we doubt you’ll be comfortable with those bulbous mouse shapes and connectors sticking out and mass of cables to tangle onto.


While Mona looks like it’s made entirely from PC mouse units, it isn’t. Instead, every single one of the computing peripherals are merely glued onto the frame of an old chair (with various parts held together using metal clips). As such, it retains the old chair’s balance and stability, so it can handle a normal person’s weight and whatever other things you expect a chair to endure. According to the designer, the chair is meant as a statement to bring attention to the growing amount of garbage from our electronic objects. She refers to it, “sitting on the problem,” since, let’s be honest, how many of us really worry about all the disposable electronics we use every day?

Check out more pictures of Mona from Santos’ Behance page.