Five Freestanding Modules Give The Miras Float The Ability To Turn Any Space Into A Full-Service Kitchen


Not a fan of fitted kitchens? Not a problem. Be the envy of your friends who hate their fitted kitchens, too, when you set up a custom cook’s room using the Miras Float.

A freestanding, modular kitchen, it lets you turn any room in your house into a proper scullery in the exact configuration you desire. That way, you can set up a kitchen right next to the second floor bedroom (so you can wake up and make breakfast a short walk from the bed), in the patio (so you can enjoy the outdoors while cooking), or a hallway (if you want the kitchen to use up minimal space).


The Miras Float is a five-piece modular system that consists of a kitchen counter, a room divider, a cupboard, a serving cart, and a glass cabinet, each of which is a separate mobile island that you can set up on any part of the room. The kitchen counter comes with a one piece sink that can be integrated into plumbing, a solid white ash wood top, a central chest with three bidirectional drawers, and a cabinet on the right with punctured, sliding metal doors, which you can separate from the rest of the house using the solid wood divider with integrated drawers and shelves. Small appliances and supplies can be housed in the cupboard, which consists of three columns of storage with varying configurations.   The glass cabinet for housing glassware and the wheeled serving cart are cut in metal.


Best part? Whether you’re planning to install individual modules or the whole set, the Miras Float just looks classy, with styling and finishes that’s bound to fit into any decor. Learn more from Miras Editions’ website.