These Lucy Stacking Chairs Will Make You Think Your Eyes Are Playing Tricks On You


Seeing these two Lucy Stacking Chairs stacked together in the picture look like they’re playing an optical trick. Like a frame from a stereoscopic image that will become correct as soon as you put the right pair of glasses on. It’s a clever trick achieved by the wireframe designs that’s probably going to look as trippy in your backyard as it does in this still.

Made by Los Angeles design studio Bend, it’s a stackable version of their popular Lucy Chair, one of the new additions to their lineup of colorful wire furniture. Like the rest of their collection, it’s made from a source metal that’s been put through the handcrafted shaping and spot-welding that the outfit is known for.


Designed for outdoor use, the Lucy Stacking Chair is whipped up in a purely wireframe structure, enabling the unique appearance when the chairs are stacked during storage.   Construction is hot-dip galvanized iron that’s intended to prevent rust, with a powder-coated finish that should hold more steadfast, despite the ravages of the outdoors. For indoor use, the chair can be equipped with an accompanying a seat pad to provide better comfort. Dimensions are 31.5 x 18.5 x 21 inches (h x w x d), with a weight of 17.5 pounds.

Available now, the Lucy Stacking Chair retails for $550.