Tell The Wife This Lo Scuro Crystal Pool Table Is A Priceless Sculpture And She Might Let You Keep It


You’ve always wanted a pool table, but worried that the ones you’ve seen available in hobby stores just don’t fit in well with your stylishly-designed home. If you’re on the lookout for a game table with a less-conventional look to match your interiors, this minimally-decked Lo Scuro Crystal Pool Table might do the trick.

Designed by Marc Sadler, the table features an all-crystal construction, lending it a pure and elegant aesthetic that’s completely unusual for the erstwhile bar room staple. Stunning in more ways than one, it’s as much a work of art as it is a game table, ensuring it will generate as much curious inspection from guests as it will receive actual play.


The Lo Scuro Crystal Pool Table doesn’t play with its all-crystal make, either. Even the playing surface is made with sheets of glass that have been specially-treated to exhibit the same kind of friction found in traditional cloth surfaces, although they did relent on using cushion for the rails to ensure the balls will bank the exact same way they would on a traditional table. It measures a regulation 8 x 4 feet, too, so it’s no novelty table unfit for official play. The legs are made from sheets of glass that are beveled on both sides, which are inserted into solid wood feet for stability. It comes with a matching designer cue rack to help complete the set.

No pricing is listed for the Lo Scuro Crystal Pool Table, but you contact Quantum-Play to request a quote.