With The LO-LO, You Can Bring A Slice Of The Kitchen To Any Room In The House


Running to the kitchen to get yourself a cup of coffee is nice and all, but wouldn’t you rather grab a coffee without walking all the way to the back of the house?   If you’re not exactly a fan of putting a Keurig right next to the Bluray player in the living room (I admit, it probably looks odd), maybe the LO-LO can offer a compromise.

Designed by Russia-based Tanya Repina and Misha Repin, the furniture is billed as a “capsular microkitchen.” Basically, it’s a freestanding cabinet that adds a slice of the kitchen to whatever room it’s installed in.


The LO-LO consists of three designs, all of them shaped like upright capsules. One is designed to serve as a coffee station with counter space for a coffee machine and hanging rods for coffee cups above it, along with a pair of drawers for supplies at the bottom. The other two take on a similar design, with a large area on top and two small drawers underneath, with one designed to fit a standard-sized microwave and the other with room for a hot and cold water dispenser.


To add a little whimsy to the proceedings, the cabinets feature bird-like scrawny legs (yes, it looks like its standing on its toes), as well as a face (lines drawn on the cabinet door for the eyes, door handle for the nose, and holes for the mouth). Altogether, it’s a fun-looking collection that could prove useful if you want to install a “mini-kitchen” anywhere in the house.


As of now, LO-LO is a design concept, so you can’t run out and get one yet. It’s a sweet take on the issue of setting up kitchen appliances outside of the cook’s room, though – one we wouldn’t mind seeing in a real catalog somewhere.