When You’re Cutting Up Deer, Salmon, And Other Large Animals, This Epicurean Big Game Cutting Board Is What You’ll Need In The Kitchen


When you live up in the mountains, chances are, you’re no stranger to occasionally feeding on the lay of the land, whether it’s fruits you gather from the forests or animals you hunt around the way. That latter, naturally, presents a problem in the kitchen – you can’t exactly carve up a larger elk in the tiny cutting board you use to slice the chicken into separate parts for frying. You need something bigger, something like the Epicurean Big Game Cutting Board.

A hunting- and fishing-friendly chopping board, it comes sized to handle large meat-chopping jobs, whether you’re cutting up wild hogs, deer, or the biggest salmon you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Simply lay it down on a table or the tailgate of a pickup truck (it’s designed to fit on most common tailgate sizes) to immediately turn it into your own mini meat-processing center.


The Epicurean Big Game Cutting Board measures 4 x 2 feet, giving you enough room to work on most types of game you’re likely to catch in the wild. Granted, it’s not enough if you manage to snag yourself a dinosaur or a whale or something, but we doubt you’ll find anything that can handle those anyway (besides, you shouldn’t be hunting whales or dinosaurs, anyway). Construction is Sanalite HDPE, which is durable (doesn’t delaminate), gentle on knife blades, and hygienic (it doesn’t harbor bacteria).

In case the board is too big, they also have slightly smaller versions (a 35 x 14-incher and a 23.5 x 14.5-incher). There’s also a modular version of the 4 x 2 feet board that can break apart into three for easier storage.

Available now, pricing for the Epicurean Big Game Cutting Board is set at $169.99.