Decorate Your Workspace With Plants And Pencils Using The Eco Pot


A small plant can do wonders for the aesthetic of a workspace. A pen holder can do wonders for the clutter in the same workspace. The Eco Pot combines those two items to make for one beautiful piece to adorn your writing desk.

Designed by Julia Kononenko, it’s a desk accessory that puts a plant pot on one level and a pen holder on a lower rung in front of it. That way, the plants can serve as a decorative backdrop on the desk, all while giving you a useful tool that may actually come handy. Unless you’ve stopped using pens because it’s 2015 and all, that is, at which point, you can probably use it to hold a stack of Post-Its or something.


Cut in a square shape from the top view, the Eco Pot uses up three quarters of the space for the plant pot, with the remaining corner allocated to hold up to nine pens. It comes in four styles that use different quadrants for the pen holder with different hole sizes for accommodating different types of writing instruments. And while designed for pens, we’re thinking you can use those holes for holding other stuff, like incense, candles, or even random trinkets that will fit in, just in case you’d rather use the pot to spruce up other parts of the house (this will look great next to windows, for instance).

The Eco Pot appears to be a prototype design only for now. You can visit Julia’s website to see more pictures.