This Earthquake-Proof Desk Can Handle Up To 2,200 Pounds Of Weight


During an earthquake, hiding under a desk puts you in one of the safest places in the room. How safe it is will, of course, depend on how much force the table can handle once debris actually starts falling down. Regardless of what desk you have in the room, chances are, it can’t hold up as well as this earthquake-proof desk.

Made by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno, the desk can handle a whopping 2,200 pounds, ensuring it will hold up to walls and ceilings crashing down much better than most any desk currently in the market. That way, you can maximize your chances of staying unscathed, regardless of what damage the earthquake inflicts.


The earthquake-proof desk is made using a thick slab of wood for the tabletop and steel tubes for the frame, making it look nothing more than a regular desk, whether placed in a classroom, an office, or any other space. Much of the desk’s ability to handle falling debris comes from the framework, which is specially designed to absorb a good brunt of the weight, especially on impact. It weighs 57 pounds.


Originally created as Brutter’s senior project at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, the desk saw continued development with the help of Bruno, a professor at the school. The duo is now working with a nonprofit group to bring the desks to Bhutan, where school districts are expected to purchase each two-student desk for $70 and each single-student version for $35.

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