There’s No Way You Can Tell That The CoeLux Isn’t Natural Sunlight


It’s not that hard to tell the difference between artificial light and natural sunlight, even if you install the brightest bulbs money can buy. At least, that used to be the case before the CoeLux came along.

An indoor lighting system, it simulates the appearance and function of a skylight, making it feel like there’s a hole in your ceiling where the sun is able to shine through. But, alas, it isn’t. Instead, it’s all artificial, with the entire ensemble (including the fake hole) coming as part of the system.


CoeLux uses a nanotechnology-based optical system to creatively simulate natural sunlight with unbridled realism, making it look like the sun is really shining in your home even when it’s really 11 PM in the dead of night outside. Basically, they’re using a thin coat of nanoparticles to scatter the blue light generated by the LED, creating the appearance of a blue sky surrounding it. And it’s not just the sky that will make you do a double take, both the color temperature and the quality of the light accurately simulates natural sunlight as well. Seriously, it can be a sunny day everyday indoors from this point forward. Even in winter.


Three types of installations are available. There’s CoeLux 60, which simulates tropical sunlight from a 60-degree angle; CoeLux 45, which offers an equal balance of light and shade using a 45-degree ceiling beam; and CoeLux 30, which simulates a wall window to deliver a warm, grazing light.


Awesome, right? Price, however, is steep, with purchase and installation starting at £45,000.