This Washable, Reusable Chef’n Pop Top Is The Popcorn Bowl Movie Night Deserves


Paper bags work well enough for making popcorn in the microwave. If you’re not a big fan of unnecessary waste, though, you may want to trade in the pack of paper bags for the Chef’n Pop Top, a reusable popcorn bag for cooking and enjoying your salt-and-butter-drenched popcorn snack.

Made from heat-resistant silicone, it’s a bowl with a top that closes and opens like one of those specialty popcorn bags, making it the only dish you need for your movie night popcorn habit. Cook your popcorn with the top closed, open it to enjoy, and toss it in the dishwasher after you’re done – just wash your hands, too, because no one wants that popcorn grease ending up everywhere in the living room.


To use, just fill the Chef’n Pop Top with kernels up to the marked fill line, add oil or butter (or none, if you’re a little more health-conscious than the other guy), fold down the lid, and put it in the microwave for two minutes. That’s it. The lid will slowly unfold on its own as the kernels begin to pop, so you don’t even have to hear the microwave beeping to know that the popcorn is done. Each batch, when made according to instructions, should cook around 10 cups of popcorn. The compact size should make it easy to store in most shelves and drawers, with a pair of side tabs for safely removing the bowl out of the microwave.


Available now, the Chef’n Pop Top is priced at $19.99.