These Designer Buster Bulbs Combine The Efficiency Of LEDs With The Warmth Of Incandescent Lighting


Incandescent and filament lights didn’t just brighten up a room, their orange glow frequently brought it an undeniable warmth. Despite that unique aesthetic feature, it’s hard to justify using them now, with the kind of power-saving results we can derive from modern LED bulbs. The Buster Bulb offers the best of both worlds, combining modern LED technology with a subtle ambient glow that adds a noticeable warmth to any space.

Made by Buster + Punch, it’s being billed as “the world’s first designer LED bulb.” We’re not entirely sure what that means, but it’s definitely unique, with its striking appearance, uncharacteristic glow, and beautiful selection of fittings.


The Buster Bulb achieves its unique glow through the use of a resin light pipe at the center, which creates a subtle ambient shine while throwing a focused spot light onto everything below. It’s also dimmable and as efficient as any modern LED bulb, using just a twentieth of the power that traditional incandescent bulbs consume, while having a lifespan of 10,000 hours. Clad in a teardrop shape, the bulb’s glass cover comes in either gold, gray, or crystal, with metallic satin finishes. Available fittings include rose copper, smoked brass, and steel.


Available now, the Buster Bulb is priced at £39.99.