A Citrus Reamer In The Breville Hemisphere Twist Blender Lets You Quickly Add Fresh Juice To Any Smoothie


Looking to give the blended drinks you make at home a much-needed twist? Well, that’s exactly what the Breville Hemisphere Twist is offering to help with. And it’s a literal “twist” at that.

That twist comes in the form of a citrus reamer in the lid, allowing you to extract juices from lemons, oranges, and similar fruits directly into the drink, soup, or sauce you’re mixing by simply twisting the fruit on the cone. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it does save you from having to take the reamer out of the drawer, using it, and pouring the resulting extract into the blender, a step that occasionally results in some of the juice ending up spilled on the counter.


Just like other blenders in Breville’s Hemisphere line, the Twist features the Mini-Hemisphere bowl and blade system (central blades that draw down what’s on top and sweeping blades that hug the bottom of the pitcher) that’s been praised for its fast and efficient operation, all while churning out uniformly smooth concoctions. Features include four variable speed settings for the motor, with separate preset settings for crushed ice, smoothie, and pulse.

The lid, which contains the citrus cone, comes with a special opening that drips any extracted liquid down directly to the blender. Do note, the opening is just big enough for juices to seep through, so you’ll still have to remove the whole lid if you’re going to throw in ice, fruits, and other ingredients to the mix.

Available now, the Breville Hemisphere Twist retails for $129.95.