Balancing Butter Knife Stands On Its Handle To Keep From Dirtying The Countertop


We’re not entirely sure why, but designers have been making serious improvements in butter knives over the last couple of years. There are now butter knives that melt butter using a heating core, ones that grate the butter so it’s easier to spread, and even one that warms the butter using your body heat. And while this Balancing Knife does none of those awesome things, it does come with one neat trick: it stands on its handle, so you can lay it on the desk without getting any butter on the table or counter surface.

Instead of having to set it down on a napkin or a dish to avoid dirtying the table surface, you can just use that handle stand to keep it nearby without the mess. That means, you won’t need any other stuff to enjoy buttered toast in the morning, just your bread, your knife, and the butter from the fridge.


The Balancing Knife is a stainless steel butter knife with a heavy rounded base that keeps the knife standing even when it tilts. As such, it will hold standing even when you set it down carelessly or someone bumps into the table, causing the knife to shake. It measures 8.25 inches in length and 1.5 inch in diameter for the handle’s base, with a stainless steel construction. And, yes, you can totally put a lump of butter on top of the knife to make it look like a dancing clown toy of sorts.

Available now, the Balancing Knife is priced at $20.