Azuma Makoto Froze Exotic Flower Bouquets Inside Large Blocks Of Ice And They Look Amazing


For his latest creation, Japanese botanical artist Azuma Makoto decided to freeze beautifully-arranged bouquets of exotic flowers inside large blocks of ice. And the results are surprisingly amazing. I seriously want a transparent freezer now, so I can display one of these inside it without having the whole thing melt.

Displayed at a Saitama factory that was converted into an art gallery, the Iced Flowers installation consisted of 16 large blocks of ice, each one holding a different bouquet of flowers inside it. It’s a strange, yet mesmerizing, sight.


We’re not entirely sure how Makoto managed to freeze the flowers this way. From the looks of it, none of them are deformed, making the whole thing look more like a clever sculpture than actual flowers covered in frozen water. Similar to Captain America being suspended in time when he was trapped in ice, we’re certain having an ice enclosure should extend the lifespans of these beautiful flora. Which means, if you make one and hide it inside the freezer (or the North Pole, whichever is more convenient), it could last you as long as you want. Except, we’re really not entirely sure how to make these things, so we’ll just admire them from afar.


Check out the Facebook gallery for Azuma Makoto’s Iced Flowers.