Axel Stool Assembles Using A Wooden Wedge That You Drive Through The Center Of The Seat


Here’s a cute piece of furniture with an even cuter assembly method: called the Axel Stool, it’s a backless chair with its seat and legs held together by single driven wedge. And, yes, you drive the wedge in by hammering it into place.

Created by Lapo Germasi and Victor Pukhov of Italian studio MID, the stool doesn’t require any hardware during assembly. Instead, you simply line up all the legs into the central slot under the seat and insert the accompanying wedge, which you then hammer in until everything is held flush. It’s definitely more fun than assembling the flat-packed articles you get from IKEA, with a final result that’s downright adorable to boot.


Adding to the whimsy, when you flip the Axel Stool with the seat down, the legs look like a single log splitting into four pieces of firewood after being struck with an axe, making for quite a decorative piece if you don’t need the extra seat in the meantime. It features a round seat and four tapered legs, with the narrow ends serving as the feet. Construction is solid ash wood for the legs and wedge, with the seat cut in metal. According to the designers, they borrowed heavily from the traditional axe for inspiration, hence the recognizable features apparent on the piece, including the aforementioned firewood legs, the wood and metal construction, and a painted strip of color on the seat, similar to the appearance of axe heads.


The Axel Stool will be on show at the Milan Design Week this month.