You Can Customize These Anything Shelves Into Any Shelf Height


The worst part about buying a freestanding shelf? It comes in fixed shelf heights, so if you ever came to need something to hold taller items, you’re stuck having to find another shelving solution. That’s not a problem with these Anything Shelves, which come with adjustable racks that you can adjust to accommodate any height.

Designed by Steffen Kehrle, the shelf comes with saw-like zigzag teeth along the entire lengths of either side and racks that slot right into them. Simply place the individual racks at the exact heights you want and adjust later when a different need arises. That way, the shelves are going to be useful whether you’re storing books, action figures, or tall houseplants to add a little life around the place.


The toothed sides on the Anything Shelves isn’t just useful for customizing the shelves, they’re also large and visible enough to add a geometric detail that makes the storage furniture particularly pleasing to look at. Reinforced for stability, it can be stood against a wall or set up in the middle of the room (the back panel comes painted in either blue or red for a decorative touch), with solid ash wood construction to give it plenty of heft.


Manufactured by Italian outfit L’abbate, you can learn more about Anything Shelves from the link below.