This Rotating 360 Shelf Makes For A Unique-Looking Decorative Wall Storage


At its core, the 360 Shelf is just a square frame that affixes to the wall via one of its sides. Once mounted, you’re supposed to cram items into the frame, essentially using angles to balance them and keep everything from falling down. Yes, that’s how it turns into a shelf.

The clever part of the design, however, is the adjustability of the mounting hardware, which allows you to rotate the frame and then lock it in place at any angle. With that capability, it opens itself up to a variety of creative shelving uses, essentially turning an erstwhile boring storage fixture into a decorative piece hanging up your wall.


Designed by Luke Pirnat, the 360 Shelf consists of wooden frame with a custom mounting hardware called the “angular holder.” A brass pin at the bottom the angular holder allows you to loosen and tighten the mount as desired, so you can simply loosen the hold when you want to change angles and then tighten it back to lock things in place. Construction is solid beechwood for the frame, with four finish options: natural, dark-stained, mustard yellow, and white.


While Luke claims the storage solution can be used to hold electronics and other sensitive gear, we’d probably recommend keeping it for items that don’t easily damage from falls. Stuff like DVDs, books, magazines, and other non-fragile items should be fair game, but I’d be scared putting a tablet or a MIDI controller on there – one wobbly placement or a clumsy little brother who reaches for the wrong thing could be all it takes to see your precious gear crash straight onto your marble floors. Ouch.


The 360 Shelf is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $40.